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Top Lifeguard Swimsuits in 2024

Lifeguard swimsuits are not just a matter of style but also of functionality and safety. The ideal lifeguard swimsuit must offer comfort, flexibility, and durability to withstand the rigors of a job that involves both swift movement and long hours of exposure to the elements. This article delves into the latest trends and innovations in lifeguard swimwear, examining how manufacturers are blending cutting-edge materials and design techniques to create swimsuits that not only meet the demanding requirements of lifeguards but also incorporate aesthetic appeal. We will explore a variety of options, from classic one-pieces to more modern designs, highlighting the key features that make these swimsuits top choices for those who watch over our safety in the water.

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Selecting the Right Swimsuit for Lifeguarding

Choosing the right swimsuit for lifeguarding is a critical decision that involves considering several important factors. Durability and comfort are paramount, as lifeguards spend long hours in their swimwear, often in challenging environmental conditions. The swimsuit should be made of high-quality, chlorine-resistant fabric that retains its shape and color over time. A good fit is essential, ensuring ease of movement for swift responses in emergencies. Additionally, visibility is a key aspect; bright colors and reflective trims are preferred to ensure that lifeguards are easily noticeable from a distance. This section provides insights into selecting the ideal swimsuit that balances these aspects, offering practical tips for lifeguards to make an informed choice that combines functionality, comfort, and style.

Best One-Piece Swimsuit for Women

adorex swimsuit

The Adoretex Girl's Swimsuit is a standout product in the vast sea oflifeguard swimsuits. Designed with both durability and comfort in mind, this swimsuit offers a unique approach to swimwear.


  • Fabric type: 80% Nylon, 20% Xtra Life Lycra

  • Care instructions: Hand Wash Only

  • Closure type: Tie

  • Top style: One Piece

Key Features:

  • Lifeguard 1-piece suit designed for the active lifeguard

  • Fully lined, 80% Nylon/ 20% Xtra Life Lycra

  • Excellent lycra fabric with improved long-lasting fit and lasts 5-10 times longer than ordinary Spandex. Super-strong flat-lock stitching.

  • Low scoop back

  • Adjustable tie back for a customized contoured fit

  • Guard logo on the chest


Coverage: It stays on well Quality: The material is stretchy and lasts long. Simple Design: The color scheme and patterns are suitable for lifeguarding.

Style: The tie back style allows for adjusting the size of straps.


Adaptation: Is not suitable for competitive swimming or activities outside of lifeguarding. Size Considerations: Some customers say it runs small.


The Sporti Thin Strap One Piece Swimsuit is designed to strike a balance between style and durability for lifeguards. With its fully lined front and back, it promises both modesty and security for lifeguards on duty.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stylish and Functional: The Sporti Solid Piped Thin Strap One Piece Swimsuit adds a dash of pizzazz to your swimming style. Perfect for training, competition, water aerobics, and fitness swimming, it's a versatile addition to your wardrobe of womens bathing suits.

  • Comfort and Durability: With Lycra Xtra Life performance, enjoy the comfort you expect from quality women's one-piece swimsuits. The improved fit lasts 5-10 times longer than ordinary spandex, making this a long-lasting choice among womens one piece swimsuits.

  • Flattering Design: Designed with a large keyhole opening and full chest coverage under the arms, this swimsuit women love sits low on the hips for greater rear coverage. It's a bathing suit for women one piece that enhances your figure.

  • Complete Coverage: This bathing suit one piece offers full chest coverage under the arms and is cut to sit low on the hips for greater rear coverage. It's a bathing suit women would love to add to their collection.

  • Fully Lined: Both front and back of this one piece bathing suit is fully lined, ensuring comfort and modesty. It's a one piece bathing suits for women that's as practical as it is stylish, a true standout among swimsuits for women.


quality, appearance, fit and comfort of the swimwear. They mention that its well made, the fabric is a wonderful quality and that its a pretty bathing suit. ✅ High Fabic Quality ✅ Comfortable fit with no skin irritations. ✅ Visually appealing ✅ Durable

Cons: ❌ No adjustable straps

❌ May run small

❌ Limited colors

The TYR WOmen's Crosscut Fit Tieback Swimsuit is a great product for female lifeguards. The swimsuit features a 100% polyester construction, making it nearly 20 times stronger than traditional swimwear. So, whether your at the pool or the beach, you can be sure TYR’s Durafast One fabrication will provide both a secure fit and fade-free color.

Key Features:

  • Reliable: Featuring a medium neckline, sleek/flexible straps, adjustable back and moderate cut leg, the Crosscutfit tieback is ideal for athletes who want minimal coverage during every swim.

  • Protects from Sun: Ideal for both the beach and outdoor pools, the fade-resistant Durafast One UPF 50+ fabric protects your skin from the sun by blocking harmful UVA/UVB rays.

  • Chlorine Resistant: All Durafast One suits are chlorine proof and sustain an impressive 300+ hours of performance.

  • Performance Design: Perfect for training, racing, and recreation, TYR Guard swimsuits are fully lined, ensure 4-way stretch technology, and provide a 360-degree range of motion while lasting 20 times longer than traditional swimwear.

Best Two-Piece Swimsuit for Women

The BLARIX Guard Tankini Swimsuit 2 Piece is a great product that pairs modesty with comfort.

Key Features:

  • Guard tankini swimsuit with padding

  • GUARD and cross logo

  • Fully lined

  • Includes removable cups

  • 47% PBT / 53% Polyester

Key Takeaways:

  • Wide strap top

  • GUARD and cross logo on front and back

  • Fully Lined - 100% Polyester

  • 47% PBT / 53% Polyester

  • Two piece

  • Includes removable padding


Wide straps provide extra support and comfort during long hours by the pool Bottoms are snug, but don’t fall off and stay put in the waves and pool ✅ Fully lined Polyester ✅ UV protection


❌ May not be true to size ❌ No adjustable straps

❌ Limited Colors

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Best Swimsuits For Men

The LIFEGUARD Men's Board Shorts are officially licensed and machine washable! They have a history of making top quality apparel for over 50 years!

Key Takeaways:

  • Fabric type: Polyester, Mesh

  • Care instructions: Machine Wash

  • Closure type: Pull On

  • Neck style: High Neck

✅ Machine washable, polyester and mesh ✅ Comfortable fit ✅ Adjustable lasso waist provide a tailored fit for different body sizes. ✅ Side pocket


❌ Check size guidelines ❌ Limited color options

The Adoretex Men's Guard Swim Board Shorts showcase 100% Polyester construction for luxurious comfort and accelerated dry time. Engineered for lifeguards, it features an elastic waistband with drawstring closure for custom fitting and a 9" base inseam to allow for added leg coverage. A built-in liner provides support, while a left leg Guard Logo increases visibility to separate you from the crowd and authenticate your role. Safety's first, but style and performance matters.

Key Features:

  • (100% Polyester) Made from strong & smooth polyester with a built-in liner provides support, quick drying, lightweight and comfortable to wear.

  • (Elastick Waistband) Elastic waistband with drawstring closure for custom fitting.

  • (Storage) 2 front slip pockets, 1 cargo side pocket with velcro closure and 1 small key pocket inside the liner.

  • (Length) Large: 20" Long and 9" Inseam for added leg coverage, with a 'Guard' stitching logo on the left leg.


Enhanced Buoyancy: The integration of arm wings with the vest ensures consistent and balanced buoyancy, aiding in swimming lessons.

Comfortable Fit: Made from materials that are gentle on the skin, ensuring prolonged wear without discomfort.

Appealing Design: The vibrant patterns and colors make it attractive to children, enhancing their willingness to wear it.

Freedom of Movement: The design ensures children can move their arms freely, promoting natural swimming motions.


❌ Limited colors

❌ Check sizing guidelines

Speedo's lifeguard swimsuits are designed for the active lifeguard and inspired by those who save lives. With their specially engineered fabrics, Speedo Guard suits are perfect for all lifeguards.

Key Takeaways:

  • Block the Burn: UPF 50+ protection blocks up to 98% of the sun’s harmful rays

  • Comfort stretch

  • Basket liner

  • Unique and durable coating that repels water

  • 3-pockets: side seams and a patch pocket


✅ Multiple color options ✅ Made of durable materials, ensuring longevity. ✅ Guard certified ✅ Quick Dry


❌ Hand wash only ❌ May run small

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Lifeguard Swimsuits

Q: What materials are commonly used in lifeguard swimsuits? A: Lifeguard swimsuits are typically made from high-quality, chlorine-resistant fabrics such as nylon, polyester, and Lycra blends. These materials are chosen for their durability, color retention, and ability to withstand long hours in chlorinated water and sun exposure.

Q: Why is the fit of a lifeguard swimsuit important? A: The fit is crucial for ensuring ease of movement and comfort, which are essential for quick responses during emergencies. A well-fitted swimsuit should not be too tight or too loose, allowing for maximum flexibility and mobility.

Q: What are some key features to look for in a women's one-piece lifeguard swimsuit? A: Key features include a durable and chlorine-resistant fabric, a comfortable and secure fit, full coverage for modesty, adjustable straps for a customizable fit, and a design that offers both functionality and style.

Q: Are two-piece swimsuits suitable for lifeguarding? A: Yes, two-piece swimsuits can be suitable for lifeguarding, provided they offer adequate coverage, support, and comfort. Look for options with wide straps, full lining, UV protection, and durable fabric.

Q: What should men consider when choosing a lifeguard swimsuit? A: Men should consider factors like material durability, comfort, fit, quick-drying properties, and features like adjustable waistbands, pockets, and UPF protection.

Q: How important is visibility in lifeguard swimwear? A: Visibility is a key aspect. Lifeguard swimsuits are often in bright colors and may have reflective trims to ensure lifeguards are easily noticeable from a distance, enhancing safety.

Q: How do I care for my lifeguard swimsuit to extend its lifespan? A: Follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Generally, it's recommended to hand wash in cold water and dry the suit away from direct sunlight. Avoid using harsh detergents and chlorine removers.

Q: Can lifeguard swimsuits be used for competitive swimming? A: While some lifeguard swimsuits are versatile enough for various activities, they are primarily designed for lifeguard duties and may not be optimal for competitive swimming due to their design and features.

Q: Are there lifeguard swimsuits with built-in sun protection? A: Yes, many modern lifeguard swimsuits come with UPF protection to shield the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, an important feature for lifeguards who spend long hours in the sun.

Q: How do I ensure the right fit when ordering a lifeguard swimsuit online? A: Check the sizing guidelines provided by the manufacturer and measure yourself accurately. It may also be helpful to read customer reviews to understand if the swimsuits run true to size, small, or large. Lifeguard LI may receive a commission for purchases made through the affiliate links in this article. However, our goal is to provide unbiased advice on the best and most eco-sustainable products on the market. Our recommendations are always based on thorough research and testing, regardless of any potential affiliate relationships.


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