Lifeguard LI was founded in 2012 by local police officer, Steven Grella. Steven has always had a passion for helping others, first becoming a lifeguard in 2002, entering the police force in 2010 and becoming a lifeguard/CPR instructor in 2012.

Steven is EMT trained and feels he offers a unique learning experience for students as he has performed CPR hundreds of times on real victims.

Steven is a 3-time MADD award recipient, in recognition of his work on patrol removing drunk and drugged drivers from the streets.

Steven was honored to be selected as the top police officer in the City of Glen Cove in 2018.

Having seen countless instances where quicker response could have saved a life, Steven's current mission is to make sure that every person on Long Island has CPR training in the event a family member, friend, co-worker, or fellow student requires immediate medical attention before emergency services respond.

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