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Commitment  to Excellence

Our success is not only due to our quality of work; it's down to our culture, our approach and how we way treat every human we interact with.


About Us

Lifeguard LI is a local provider of aquatics services; offering commercial pool management, training and certification classes, private and semi-private swim lessons and lifeguard hiring services. Home to the Levirey brand of aquatics products, ranging from swim apparel to aquatics equipment, specially crafted by aquatics professionals to ensure the highest quality and guarantee your safety in and around the water. Lifeguard LI was founded in 2012 by Steven Grella. Over the past 10+ years, Lifeguard LI has transformed from a Training and Certification program to one of the highest-quality providers of training courses, swim lessons and aquatics services in the tri-state area (if not the country!).

Our Story

Drowning is the #1 cause of death in children under the age of 5, our mission is provide education and resources to water-goers across Long Island to make everyone feel (and be) safer.

As a Police Detective, EMT, lifeguard trainer and swim instructor, Steve Grella understood the importance of water safety and knew from an early age that he needed to spread his knowledge of safety and training to students in the Long Island area. For our 20 years, Steve has assisted his community through life-saving training and education.

As parents of two young children, Steve and his wife Megan felt they had an opportunity to give back by holding group and private lessons in their own backyard for parents and children in their community. From this was born the idea of sharing their knowledge and skills with like-minded water-goers across New York.

Lifeguard certification class learning spinal backboarding
Lifeguard LI swim school

Why Choose Us Over The Competition?


Convenience and Ease of Use

Online booking process, one-click payment processing and user dashboard to keep track of your events or lessons. One-of-a-kind Mobile Application. Available on Apple and Android, we provide users with the only mobile app for finding an aquatics professional, with a built-in messaging platform to be in constant contact with your staff member and 24/7 support.

Standard of Equipment

When hiring a Lifeguard or Swim Instructor from Lifeguard LI you should come to expect excellence in ability, but also in the equipment they will come with. As opposed to a freelance teenager or even a professional competitor who will show up empty-handed. Our lifeguard will arrive in uniform with a lifeguard rescue tube, first aid hip pack, pocket mask and whistle. Our instructors will arrive in uniform with a professional carry bag full of all the necessary equipment for a high-level swim lesson, ranging from kick boards (sized to fit the student), dive rings/sticks, pool deck mats (to protect from heat and slips) as well as various other items based on the swimmers ability. 

Swim Programs

You can choose to have swim lessons in the comfort of your own pool or you can choose a local instructor and use one of our 100’s of facilities. You get consistent relationship growth with instructor one-on-one. You can select a qualified instructor in your area or we can evaluate your swimmer’s needs and pair you with the best instructor for you. Once you have an instructor, you will be able to book one lesson at a time or your entire package all at once! Enjoy instant messaging contact with your instructor through our mobile app and keep track of all the lessons in your package and the swimmer’s progress. Our instructors will provide you with detailed feedback after every lesson of what the swimmer learned and tips on what to work on for next lesson.


Trust. Reliability. Integrity.

At Lifeguard LI, we pride ourselves on trust, integrity and reliability. All of our staff members are vetted through comprehensive background checks and ran through the national sex offender’s registry. Whether you choose us our not, you should expect NOTHING LESS when selecting an aquatics professional. Our company values and work ethic start at the top. Steve has worked in the community as a police officer/detective and a volunteer to teach free cpr classes for over a decade. Steve has been a lifeguard and swim instructor for over 20 years and has learned through hard work and experience what it takes to provide the highest quality aquatics service possible. Every staff member is in direct contact with Steve and has been personally trained or received education from Steve and the management team. 

By choosing Lifeguard LI you are also becoming a part of a larger mission to give back. Any service or product you purchased through Lifeguard LI contributes to our foundation “Levirey Lifesavers”, giving back 5% of our profits and 100% of our donations to provide free swim lessons and CPR classes to underserved and underprivileged communities.

You can request a pool management proposal by clicking here.

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