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American Red Cross

Licensed Training Provider

20+ Years

of Experience

kids jumping in the water at a pool party

Private Lifeguard Service

Gain Invaluable Peace of Mind

Hire A Lifeguard For Your Next
Pool Event


Standard Lifeguard

*Recommended for smaller parties and patrons with swim ability.

-Certified Red Cross Lifeguard

-CPR/AED trained

-Equipped with Rescue Tube and first aid kit

-At least 1 year of lifeguard experience


Image by Thomas Grillmair

Professional Lifeguard

*Recommended for larger parties and/or when there are weak/non-swimmers.

-18+ years old with over 3 years lifeguarding experience

-Certified Red Cross Lifeguard

-CPR/AED trained

-Equipped with Rescue Tube and first aid kit

-Collegiate level swimmer


Image by Mael BALLAND

Elite Lifeguard

-7+ years lifeguard experience

-Collegiate level swimmers

-Certified EMTs​

-Have trained and certified 1000+ lifeguards

-Have lifeguarded over 500 pool parties

*EMT comes with full service first aid station

-You will not find better value for the level of service and training you receive!


Hire a Red Cross Certified Lifeguard for your next pool party

All Lifeguards arrive early, in uniform, equipped with a rescue tube and first aid kit. All our lifeguards are fully certified and insured.
Do not settle for less when keeping your next pool event safe!

*Holiday Weekends are billed at 1.5x standard rates*

Lifeguard For Hire Near Me

Water safety has become a growing concern not just at public pools and camps in New York, but also in your own backyard.  When throwing a pool party for your child, it is often difficult to welcome guests, collect gifts, serve food, and at the same time ensure the safety of everyone in your pool.


We can solve the major worry or pool safety by providing you with a private lifeguard, freeing you to complete all of your other responsibilities as head party coordinator.


We recommend one lifeguard per 20 swimmers. If greater than 20 or a group with mostly non-swimmers, you may need to consider our multi-guard plans.

Lifeguard LI Lifeguard on duty at Huntington Yacht Club

We are confident that the service and experience we provide are unparalleled in the area, at an extremely competitive rate.


Don't settle for just any lifeguard for your family backyard pool parties.  By joining the Lifeguard LI team, you are getting an experienced pool party lifeguard who we require show proof of identification and certification prior to your party. Your guard will be equipped with a lifeguard rescue tube and first aid kit. Each guard is backed by our name and is fully insured. Whereas hiring an individual who may let you down and not show up on the day of your party, we have lifeguards standing by in the rare case a lifeguard is unable to make it on last minutes notice.


Highest Quality Lifeguards For Hire on Long Island

We can guarantee we have the highest qualified guards in the area. Put us to the test, we won't let you down.


*Please note that at this time our guards are based out of Nassau County and Western Suffolk County and that for parties with a travel time over 1 hour we will have to charge a fee for gas expenses and travel time. We apologize for the inconvenience.


**Holidays and busy weekends are subject to higher prices due to the high level of demand we receive.


Contact us at (516) 405-0676 or email us at

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Lifeguarding Objectives include:


  • Proactive Guarding: Proactive thinking in your guarding is vital to the safety of the pool area. (Eliminating the possibility of incident or injury)

Example: Correcting a patron who is running on the pool deck, prevents injury. 

  • Zone Coverage: Working as a team with your fellow guards to cover the entire pool area by way of zones is the most effective way we can visually cover the area. 

  • Effective scanning: scan the water Surface, middle, and bottom checking for active or passive victims. This includes your entire zone. 

  • Deck safety: while scanning the water is important deck safety also important.  Rules such as 

  • no running on deck, 

  • no children in the hot tubs, 

  • no strollers on deck, 

  • no obstruction of safety exits / path ways, 

  • no inappropriate behavior, 

These also vital to our safety system and it is imperative that we continue to enforce deck safety. 

  • Dock / Bench safety: docked swimmers are required to keep:

  • There head above water

  • Keep there feet down

  • Hold on to the back bar of the bench

  • Stay true to these standards unless the swimmer has been given specific instruction by the swim instructor. These rules are to help keep our swimmers from distracting LG’s and keep swimmers from wandering off the benches

  • Discipline: Pulling a swimmer out of the water to sit on deck because of lack of compliance is necessary at times to enforce our rules and standards. Considering we have an entire pool full of swimmers, we don’t have time to spend more than a few seconds making a correction. If the swimmer is not compliant with the rules up to three times use an expectable disciplinary tool.

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