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The Ultimate Sutro Pool Monitor Review: Is It Worth the Investment?

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Sutro Pool & Spa Water Smart Monitoring Device

In an era where smart devices are increasingly incorporated into our daily routines, maintaining your pool or spa has also taken a technological leap forward. One such advancement is the Sutro Pool & Spa Water Smart Monitoring Device, promising a comprehensive solution for pool maintenance. However, its varied customer ratings and hefty price tag may cause potential buyers to hesitate.

This Sutro pool monitor review will dissect every aspect of this product, providing you with crucial information to help you decide if this is a worthy addition to your pool care arsenal.

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What the Sutro Pool Monitor Offers

The Sutro Pool Monitor is a complete system designed to efficiently monitor your pool or spa water. The package includes the Sutro Monitor, which floats in your pool to perform water tests, a water test cartridge that measures pH, free chlorine, and alkalinity, two rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, a hub and charger base unit to extend the monitor's range, and a US-110V adapter.

Sutro strives to cater to a broad spectrum of pools and hot tubs. Whether you have a chlorine, saltwater, bromine, mineral, ozone, or UV pool, this product is advertised to deliver effective results across the board.

Complementing the hardware is a Sutro app compatible with iOS and Android platforms. This app acts as a portal to view your pool's test results, receive treatment recommendations, and select your monthly service, which comes in a basic tier ($29/month) or a premium tier ($39/month).

Assessing the Sutro Pool Monitor

Ease of Use and Setup

Setting up the Sutro Pool Monitor is a breeze. Simply place the monitor in your pool, ensure it is adequately charged, and download the Sutro app to begin. An in-app setup wizard will guide you through the process, making it user-friendly for both tech-savvy users and those less technologically inclined.

Testing Accuracy and Frequency

Testing capabilities are a crucial part of our Sutro pool monitor review. The device performs three chemical readings per day, providing consistent updates about your pool's chemical balance. This functionality is undoubtedly convenient, but customer feedback regarding the monitor's accuracy has been varied. Some users have reported inconsistent readings, which could lead to uncertainty about your pool's actual water quality.


The Sutro offers compatibility with various pool and hot tub types, making it a flexible choice for a wide range of owners. However, some saltwater pool owners have reported discrepancies in the readings, implying that the device may work better with chlorine and bromine pools.

Price and Value

With a price tag of $499.00, the Sutro Pool Monitor leans towards the pricier end of the pool maintenance market. Additionally, the recurring monthly subscription, which can range from $29 to $39, can accumulate over time. Given the mixed reviews regarding the device's accuracy, it is worth considering if the Sutro's convenience and peace of mind justify its cost.

Pros and Cons of the Sutro Pool Monitor

To provide a comprehensive view of the Sutro Pool Monitor, here's a list of the notable pros and cons:


  1. Easy setup and use

  2. Compatibility with various pool types

  3. Convenient monitoring with automatic daily readings

  4. Supportive mobile application with treatment recommendations


  1. High upfront cost and ongoing monthly fees

  2. Inconsistent readings reported by some users

  3. Potential compatibility issues with saltwater pools


  1. Testing parameters: pH, free chlorine, and alkalinity

  2. Frequency of testing: Three times per day

  3. Power: Two rechargeable Li-Ion batteries

  4. Compatibility: iOS and Android for the Sutro App

  5. Pool types: Chlorine, saltwater, bromine, mineral, ozone, and UV pools and hot tubs

User Guide

Getting started with your Sutro Pool Monitor involves just a few simple steps:

  1. Unbox the Sutro Pool Monitor and ensure all components are included.

  2. Place the Sutro Monitor in your pool or spa.

  3. Download the Sutro App on your mobile device and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the device and your pool specifications.

  4. Choose your monthly service - basic or premium - and start receiving daily chemical readings.

Our Review Score

Our final score for the Sutro Pool Monitor is 82.0 out of 100.0. The product offers convenience and a measure of automation that can be highly beneficial for pool maintenance. However, concerns about the consistency of readings, potential compatibility issues, and high cost make it a less obvious choice.

In conclusion, the Sutro Pool & Spa Water Smart Monitoring Device is a cutting-edge tool that brings ease and innovation to pool maintenance. However, the need to balance these benefits against the required investment and potential for inconsistencies should be carefully considered.

sutro pool monitor on amazon

We hope this Sutro pool monitor review equips you with the information needed to make an informed decision. Interested in checking out the product for yourself? Visit the Sutro Store for more details and to make a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does the Sutro Pool Monitor perform tests?

The Sutro Pool Monitor performs three tests per day. This frequency ensures up-to-date information about your pool's chemical balance is available at all times.

Is the Sutro Pool Monitor compatible with all types of pools?

The Sutro Pool Monitor is designed to work with chlorine, saltwater, bromine, mineral, ozone, and UV pools and hot tubs. However, some users with saltwater pools have reported inconsistencies in readings.

What does the monthly subscription for the Sutro Pool Monitor include?

The monthly subscription for the Sutro Pool Monitor comes in two tiers. The basic tier, costing $29/month, includes access to the Sutro app and its features. The premium tier, costing $39/month, includes additional VIP support and a monthly pool consultation upon request.

Can I use the Sutro Pool Monitor without the mobile application?

The Sutro Pool Monitor is designed to work in tandem with its mobile application. The app is where you'll receive daily chemical readings and treatment recommendations, making it an integral part of the Sutro system.

Is the Sutro Pool Monitor worth the cost?

The Sutro Pool Monitor offers a convenient and automated solution for maintaining your pool or spa. However, with a price tag of $499.00 and an ongoing monthly subscription fee, the value for money will depend on your specific needs, budget, and how well the device performs in your specific pool or spa.

What do I do if my Sutro Pool Monitor gives inconsistent readings?

If your Sutro Pool Monitor provides inconsistent readings, it's recommended to contact Sutro's customer service. They can provide troubleshooting steps or, if necessary, process a warranty claim for you.

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