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Oru Kayak Review: The Bay ST Unfolded

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Oru Kayak

Meet the Oru Kayak Bay ST, a boat that's making waves in the kayaking world and helping people everywhere connect with the water. The original Oru Kayak, this innovative, fold-out Bay ST is stable enough for beginners but is built to maneuver stronger waters as well. In this Oru Kayak review, we'll examine the ins and outs of this game-changing kayak.

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Design and Functionality

The Oru Kayak Bay ST stands out in the crowd for its design and functionality. The origami-inspired, foldable structure pioneered by Oru means you can construct your kayak in only 10 to 15 minutes. That’s right - no more endless setup or lugging around a heavy boat. It fits snugly into the trunk of a small car or, if you prefer, the Oru Pack carrying case which is sold separately. Weighing half of a traditional kayak, the Bay ST is undoubtedly the most convenient, transportable kayak you can imagine.


When it comes to specifications, the Bay ST is as impressive as it is innovative. Weighing in at 26 lbs, it is a 12'3" x 25" kayak that folds down to an unbelievably compact box, just 33" x 14" x 29" in size. The cockpit size is 16" x 30", which provides ample space for a comfortable ride, and it can carry a maximum weight of 300 lbs, accommodating paddlers up to 6'3" tall.


Now, let's talk about durability. Oru Kayaks undergo extensive strength and durability testing, which is an essential aspect to consider in this Oru Kayak review. Created from 5 mm double-layered, custom-extruded polypropylene, Oru Kayaks are incredibly puncture, abrasion resistant, and built to last. They're treated with 10 years of UV protection and rated with a lifetime of 20,000 folds.


But what about performance? The Bay ST's contoured shape is not just a design highlight; it plays a crucial role in the kayak's performance. It is ideal for both beginners, thanks to its stability, and more experienced paddlers with its ability to handle stronger waters.

Price and Value

The Oru Kayak Bay ST, while being a premium product with a price range of $1,775.00 - $1,955.00, justifies its cost with its unique folding design, excellent performance, and the ease of transport it offers.

User Guide

The Oru Kayak Bay ST is designed for ease of use, with its setup and disassembly both being straightforward processes. When you're ready to take it out on the water, start by unfolding the kayak from its compact box form. This step is best done on a clean, debris-free surface to prevent any unnecessary wear and tear.

Once unfolded, you'll form the hull by folding the large flat sections upward and inward, securing the sides in place by inserting the tabs into the appropriate slots. The bulkheads, or cross sections, provide important structural support and rigidity to the kayak. Make sure they're positioned correctly and secured tightly.

With the body of the kayak formed, the final steps involve folding the top over the sides and securing the deck straps to make the kayak watertight. You can then adjust the footrest and backrest as necessary for your comfort.

When it's time to pack away your kayak, the disassembly process is as easy as the setup. Just reverse the assembly process, fold the kayak back down into its compact box form, and store it until your next adventure.

The Oru Kayak Bay ST's design makes it simple to use, whether you're a kayaking novice or an experienced paddler. Its innovative design and ease of use make every trip to the water a breeze.

For those new to the world of kayaking, or if you're unsure about any aspect of setting up or disassembling your Oru Kayak, the included instruction manual provides a step-by-step guide to ensure you can safely and confidently enjoy your time on the water.

Our Review Score

So, how does the Oru Kayak Bay ST score in our review? With its blend of innovative design, durability, performance, and sheer convenience, we give it a commendable 85 out of 100.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take the Oru Kayak Bay ST on a plane?

Yes, the Oru Kayak Bay ST can technically be taken on a plane, thanks to its compact folded size. However, you should always check with your airline for their specific rules about oversized luggage.

How does the Oru Kayak Bay ST perform in rough water?

The Bay ST is designed to handle various conditions, from calm lakes to swift rivers. Its hard chine design and beamy hull lend the kayak stability and ensure it responds well in choppy waters.

How resistant is the Oru Kayak Bay ST to UV and impact?

Oru Kayaks are created from 5 mm double-layered, custom-extruded polypropylene, which is incredibly puncture and abrasion-resistant. They're also treated with 10 years of UV protection, meaning the kayak is built to resist sun damage.

What kind of maintenance does the Oru Kayak Bay ST require?

Oru Kayaks are designed to be low-maintenance. After each use, it's recommended to rinse the kayak with fresh water and let it dry completely before folding it back up to prevent any mold or mildew.

5. Is the Oru Kayak Bay ST comfortable for taller paddlers?

The Bay ST is designed to accommodate paddlers up to 6'3" tall. The adjustable footrest and backrest help ensure a comfortable experience, regardless of the paddler's height.

We believe everyone deserves to experience the relaxation of a day on the water. With the Bay ST model, the one that started it all for Oru Kayak, your kayaking experience becomes more accessible and enjoyable than ever before. Ready to begin your own kayaking journey with the Oru Kayak Bay ST?

Oru Kayak on amazon

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