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Water Safety Instructor Training
With Lifeguard LI

Lifeguard LI is a leading provider of Water Safety Instructor (WSI) Certification and Training on Long Island, having trained 1000's of local community members in essential water safety and swimming instruction skills.

Drowning remains a serious concern, with around 10 deaths per day occurring in the United States alone. That's why swim instructors play a crucial role in teaching water safety and swimming techniques, and why we're committed to training the best water safety instructors on Long Island.

Our experienced instructors will guide you through both the theoretical and practical aspects of water safety instruction, providing you with essential skills such as teaching swimming techniques, effective communication, lesson planning, and drowning prevention. Our training programs are interactive and engaging, giving you plenty of hands-on practice to build your confidence.

By enrolling in our WSI certification course, you'll not only gain the necessary skills to become a water safety instructor, but you'll also join a community of trained professionals dedicated to ensuring safety and promoting enjoyable swimming experiences.

Join us in our mission to prevent drowning and make a difference in the lives of swimmers on Long Island. Register now and become a Water Safety Instructor with Lifeguard LI!

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What Sets Lifeguard LI Apart From the Competition?

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