Swim Lessons For All Ages
 Smaller class sizes, greater personal attention, in a friendly and safe environment.

Lifeguard LI presents Levirey Swim School, where we believe swimming should be fun, but also recognize that it is one of the most important lifesavings skills you must learn. Each lesson is geared towards your child's swim level and needs. We teach according to an award winning curriculum that pairs fun with technique to create a perfect learning experience. Our instructors are some of the highest qualified in the industry. All instructors are WSI certified and come with at least 2 years of teaching experience.


Small Group Lessons

Children Learn in an engaging group environment, having fun and being pushed to excel by their peers.

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Private Lessons

1-on-1 intensive lessons designed to progress your swimmer at a faster rate than group lessons.

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At-Home Lessons

Our instructors will come to your home to teach your swimmer in their most comfortable environment. 

Swim Lessons Save Lives

Swimming Trainer with Students

Why Choose Us?

Did you know that around 20% of Americans can’t swim at all, and about 56% of us can’t swim properly and safely enough to save themselves or another in a drowning situation? According to the CDC, approximately 3,536 people drown each year in pools and other non-boating-related accidents. Sadly, of the total number of accidental drownings, approximately one in five victims are aged 14 our younger.

We don't highlight these statistics to scare you, but alert you to the very real fact that these drownings are completely, 100% preventable! Some estimates indicate that the chance of drowning decreases by 88% in children 1-4 years old when they have completed formal swim lessons. We want to give you that piece of mind when at the pool or beach. When you have a million things going through your head already, knowing your child is safe around the water is invaluable. There is no doubt that trained, professional instructors have had a positive effect on drowning prevention in the United States.


Swim Lessions Resume
September 26, 2022

MYW Studios @ Glen Cove Mansion 200 Dosoris Ln, Glen Cove, NY

 (It is recommended to use the rear entrance off Lattingtown Rd)

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Private lessons or small groups available.

Your swimmer will learn in a private, comfortable environment setting. Our program has your swimmer learning to swim 3 times as fast as other programs in the area.

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Learn To Swim Program


     The Learn-to-Swim program is designed for any child who has advanced through the Aquababies program or is ready to begin the process of learning to swim independently in a group setting. The recommended age for this program is 3 to 6 years old. In the Learn-to-Swim program children will start to learn basic independent skills and body movement in a safe and comfortable environment. The instructors are trained to implement the Levirey aquatic standard and are also WSI Red Cross certified. We provide a 4 to 1 student to instructor ratio and ensure safety by using tailored made standing platforms in the water.


There are 3 main levels in our Learn-to-Swim program based on the child’s current ability:


  • Level 1: Children in level 1 range from being nervous or uncomfortable (not willing to put their face in the water/ new to group activities) all the way to willing to go underwater, blow bubbles and kick independently on a barbell. 


  • Level 2: Children in level 2 range from high level of comfort and assisted independence with the instructor and teaching tools (capable of using our teaching platform and barbell independently) to basic freestyle swimming up to five yards with breathing. 


  • Level 3 : Children in level 3 work on building skills such distance, rotary breathing and the breaststroke pull and kick to transition into our west pool programs 


-Key Philosophies-


     Safety!  It is essential that we as instructors enforce the rules and regulations important for safety around the pool.  Alert students to the Lifeguards and their responsibility and feel free to consistently share the rules of the pool.


     Tracking class skills.  Our deck supervisors will use our evaluation techniques to document the swimming skills of the students and ensure they are progressing properly.  This aids in tracking their progress, knowing what skills to focus on in future lessons, and prepare each lesson.