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Top 9 Swim Floaties for Children in 2023

Updated: Aug 14

The Importance of Water Safety for Children

Water safety is of paramount importance, especially for young children who are naturally curious about water. While swim floaties can provide an extra layer of protection, they should never be seen as a substitute for proper supervision and swimming skills. Teaching your child to swim at an early age can greatly reduce the risk of drowning and instill in them a lifelong skill that will serve them well in various water activities.

girl playing at the beach in swim floaties

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Best Floaties for 1 Year Olds

Best Floaties For 2 Year Olds

Best Swim Bubble

Best Baby Floating Device

Best Swim Vest

Best Arm Floaties

Frequently Asked Questions


When introducing your child to swim floaties, it's crucial to explain their purpose and how they work. Emphasize that floaties are meant to provide support and assistance while they are learning to swim, but they should never venture into the water without an adult present. Educating them about water safety rules and the importance of staying close to the poolside or shoreline will help instill a sense of responsibility and awareness from an early age.

Selecting the Right Swim Floaties for Your Child

When choosing the perfect swim floaties for your child, it's essential to consider their age, weight, and swimming abilities. Floaties come in various sizes and styles, and selecting the right one ensures maximum comfort and safety. Some floaties are designed for infants, while others cater to older children, so make sure to pick one that aligns with your child's needs.

To help you make the best decision for your child, we've put together a list of the top 9 swim floaties for children in 2023:

Best Floaties For 1 Year Olds and Under

Mambobaby Non Inflatable Baby Float

infants playing in mambobaby float

The Mambobaby Non Inflatable Baby Float is a standout product in the vast sea of kids' swim floaties. Designed with both fun and safety in mind, this floatie offers a unique approach to pool-time adventures.


  • Type: Non-Inflatable Baby Float Swim Trainer

  • Material: High-quality, non-toxic PVC

  • Protection: Canopy with UPF 50+ UV protection

  • Design: Vibrant colors appealing to kids

  • Safety Features: Non-inflatable design reduces risk of deflation

  • Additional Features: Promotes natural swimming motions

Key Features:

  • Type: Non-Inflatable Baby Float Swim Trainer

  • Material: Made from high-quality, non-toxic PVC, ensuring longevity and safety.

  • Design: Features a straightforward color scheme suitable for children.

  • Protection: Comes with a canopy offering UPF 50+ UV protection.

  • Safety: The non-inflatable design reduces the potential for deflation-related incidents.

  • Functionality: Aids in promoting natural swimming motions for children.


Stability: The non-inflatable design ensures consistent buoyancy. ✅ Protection: The UPF 50+ canopy provides necessary protection from UV rays. ✅ Training Aid: Encourages children to develop natural swimming techniques. ✅ Simple Design: The color scheme and patterns are suitable for children.


Adaptation: Children accustomed to traditional floaties might need time to adjust. ❌ Size Considerations: It's essential to choose the correct size based on the child's age and weight.


The Mambobaby Non-Inflatable Baby Float Swim Trainer offers a reliable and functional solution for children's swimming needs. Its design emphasizes safety and practicality. For those seeking a dependable float for children, this product is a worthy consideration.

Best Floaties For 2 Year Olds

Owlwin Puddle Jumper Float - Cartoon Arm Sleeve

Owlwin Puddle Jumper Kids Life Jacket

The Owl Win Puddle Jumper Kids Float is designed to strike a balance between safety and fun for young swimmers. With its cartoon-themed arm sleeves and adjustable straps, it promises both comfort and security for children eager to explore the waters.

Key Takeaways

  • Design: Features adorable cartoon arm sleeves that are both visually appealing and functional.

  • Safety: While it boosts confidence for little swimmers, it's essential to remember it's not a lifesaving device.

  • Comfort: Made with soft materials ensuring no chafing or skin irritation.

  • Adjustability: Straps can be tailored to fit, ensuring the float remains securely in place.

Pros: ✅ Cute and appealing design that kids love. ✅ Comfortable fit with no skin irritations. ✅ Adjustable straps cater to various sizes. ✅ Enhances buoyancy, aiding in swimming lessons.

Cons: ❌ Not a replacement for constant adult supervision. ❌ Not a lifesaving device.

Final Assessment

The Owl Win Puddle Jumper Kids Float is an excellent tool for young swimmers, blending safety with an engaging design. While it aids in building water confidence, it's crucial for guardians to remember that it doesn't replace the need for constant supervision. Overall, it's a worthy investment for those sunny beach days and poolside fun, ensuring kids have a blast while staying safe.

Chriffer Kids Swim Vest Life Jacket / Toddler Floaties with Shoulder Harness Arm Wings

Chriffer Kids Swim Vest Life Jacket / Toddler Floaties with Shoulder Harness Arm Wings

The Chriffer Kids Swim Vest Life Jacket is a great product for toddlers. It is made to fit children between the ages of 22-66 pounds and comes in both boy and girl colors. The swim vest features a shoulder harness and arm wings, which makes it comfortable and safe for toddlers to wear.

My son loves wearing his Chriffer Kids Swim Vest Life Jacket and feels very safe and secure in it. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with a toddler who loves swimming!

Body Glove Paddle Pal Swim Life Jacket

Body Glove Paddle Pal Swim Life Jacket

The Body Glove Paddle Pal Swim Life Jacket is a great product for toddlers who are just learning to swim. It is USCG approved and comes in many different designs, including dinosaur, monster, ladybug, and more.

It keeps toddlers safe and helps them stay afloat in the pool. I highly recommend this life jacket for anyone looking for a safe and stylish option for their toddler.

Best Swim Bubble

Back Float Safety Swim Trainer Swimming Bubble Belt with Adjustable Split Layers

Back Float Safety Swim Trainer Swimming Bubble Belt with Adjustable Split Layers

The Back Float Safety Swim Trainer Swimming Bubble Belt is a great product that helps keep your child safe while they are swimming. You can be sure that your child is safe and secure in the water. This pool float is made of high quality and durable Eva foam material which is skin-friendly and comfortable to wear.

This belt has adjustable split layers that provide a comfortable and secure fit. The buckle is also adjustable, so it will grow with your child. And, the swim bubbles help keep your child's head above water. This belt is perfect for helping children learn to swim or for keeping them safe in the pool.

Best Baby Floating Device

Sunshade Inflatable Pool Car Boat

Growinlove Baby Floats for Pool, Swimming Float Baby Inflatable Floater with Steering Wheel and Horn, Summer Outdoor Water Float

Water activities are a staple of summer fun, and the Sunshade Inflatable Pool Car Boat is here to amplify that joy. With its car-themed design and protective sunshade, it promises a blend of excitement and safety for every young water enthusiast.

Key Takeaways:

  • Design: A vibrant car-themed boat that's sure to capture the imagination of kids, making their water adventures even more thrilling.

  • Safety: The sunshade feature ensures that while kids are having fun, they're also protected from the sun's potentially harmful rays.

  • Material: Crafted from durable materials, this float is designed to withstand the typical wear and tear of playful use.

  • User Experience: Its spacious design ensures comfort, while the easy inflation process means more time for fun and less time setting up.


✅ Eye-catching design that resonates with kids, making water play even more exciting. ✅ Sunshade provides added protection against UV rays. ✅ Robust construction ensures longevity and safety. ✅ Spacious and comfortable, allowing kids to play or relax with ease.


❌ Requires adult supervision at all times to ensure safety. ❌ Not to be used as a primary lifesaving device.

Final Assessment

The Sunshade Inflatable Pool Car Boat is not just a float; it's a ticket to a world of aquatic adventures. Its design ensures that kids are not only entertained but also safe from the sun. However, as with all water toys, safety should always be a priority, and constant adult supervision is a must. In conclusion, for those looking to add a splash of fun and safety to their water activities, this float is a top contender.

Best Swim Vest

Owlwin Trainer Vest For Toddlers

Owlwin Trainer Vest for Toddlers

Diving into the world of swimming is a significant milestone for toddlers, and the Owlwin Swim Trainer Vest is designed to make this journey both safe and enjoyable.

With its vibrant design and focus on comfort, it promises to be the perfect companion for every young swimmer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Design: Bright and colorful, ensuring your child will be eager to wear it every time they're near water.

  • Safety: While it provides an added layer of buoyancy, it's essential to remember that it's an aid and not a lifesaving device.

  • Comfort: Made with soft materials that ensure a snug fit without causing any chafing or discomfort.

  • Adjustability: Features adjustable straps that cater to various sizes, ensuring the vest remains securely in place.


✅ Attractive design that resonates with toddlers. ✅ Comfortable fit, ensuring prolonged wear without discomfort. ✅ Adjustable straps provide a tailored fit for different body sizes. ✅ Enhances confidence in young swimmers by providing buoyancy.


❌ Requires constant adult supervision when in use. ❌ Not to be used as a primary lifesaving device.

Final Assessment

The Owlwin Swim Trainer Vest for Toddlers is an excellent tool for introducing young ones to the joys of swimming. Its design and comfort features make it a favorite among kids, while its safety features offer parents some peace of mind. However, it's crucial for guardians to remember that while the vest aids in swimming, it doesn't replace the need for constant supervision. Overall, it's a valuable addition to any toddler's swimming gear, ensuring they approach water activities with confidence and joy.

Mambobaby Vest With Arm Wings

Mombobaby swim vest

Navigating the early stages of swimming can be a challenge for young ones. The Mambobaby Vest with Arm Wings offers a solution that prioritizes safety while ensuring comfort, making it an essential companion for budding swimmers.

Key Features:

  • Type: Combined vest and arm wings swimming aid.

  • Material: Crafted from soft, skin-friendly materials that prioritize comfort and durability.

  • Design: Features a vibrant and child-friendly design that resonates with young swimmers.

  • Functionality: The combination of a vest and arm wings provides balanced buoyancy, aiding in the development of swimming skills.

  • Safety: Designed to offer a secure fit without restricting movement, ensuring children can swim with ease.


Enhanced Buoyancy: The integration of arm wings with the vest ensures consistent and balanced buoyancy, aiding in swimming lessons.

Comfortable Fit: Made from materials that are gentle on the skin, ensuring prolonged wear without discomfort.

Appealing Design: The vibrant patterns and colors make it attractive to children, enhancing their willingness to wear it.

Freedom of Movement: The design ensures children can move their arms freely, promoting natural swimming motions.


Size Variations: It's crucial to select the appropriate size for the child's age and weight to ensure maximum safety and comfort.

Supervision Required: While the vest provides buoyancy, constant adult supervision is essential when children are in or near water.

The Mambobaby Vest with Arm Wings stands out as a reliable and functional swimming aid for children. Its design, which combines the benefits of a vest and arm wings, ensures that young swimmers receive the support they need while learning. For parents and guardians seeking a combination of safety, comfort, and design in a swimming aid, this product is an excellent choice.

Best Arm Floaties Children and Adults

The Rainbow Baby Animal Shape Inflatable Arm Float

rainbow baby animal print arm floaties

The Rainbow Baby Animal Shape Inflatable Arm Float is a vibrant and playful water accessory designed to make your child's water adventures more enjoyable. With its delightful animal shapes and rainbow colors, it's not just a float but a fun companion for every young swimmer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Design: Bright and colorful with adorable animal shapes that are sure to captivate any child's imagination.

  • Safety: While it adds an element of buoyancy, it's essential to understand its role as an aid and not a lifesaving device.

  • Material: Crafted from durable materials that resist easy wear and tear.

  • User Experience: Easy to inflate and deflate, making it convenient for trips and storage.


✅ Eye-catching rainbow design with cute animal shapes. ✅ Made of durable materials, ensuring longevity. ✅ Easy to use – simple inflation and deflation process. ✅ Enhances the fun factor for kids during water activities.


❌ Requires constant adult supervision when in use. ❌ Not to be mistaken as a primary lifesaving device.

Final Assessment

The Rainbow Baby Animal Shape Inflatable Arm Float is a delightful addition to any child's water playtime. Its vibrant design and cute animal shapes make it a hit among kids, while its durable construction promises lasting fun.

However, parents and guardians should always ensure constant supervision when children are using the float. In conclusion, it's a fantastic accessory for adding a splash of color and joy to water activities, but safety should always remain paramount.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a swim floatie?

A swim floatie is a device used by swimmers to help them stay afloat in the water. They are commonly made of foam or plastic, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some people use swim floaties to provide extra buoyancy, while others use them as a flotation device for exercise.

Are swim floaties safe?

Generally, yes, swim floaties are considered safe. They can help keep swimmers afloat and provide some level of protection against drowning. However, it is still important for swimmers to be supervised at all times when using floaties in order to ensure their safety.

In addition, there are some swim floaties on the market that have not met safety standards set forth by USCG or the UL 1177 standard. You can rest assured knowing that all the floats, life jackets, and swim floatation devices mentioned above are considered some of the best swim floaties and safest for sale today.

Who should use a swim floatie?

A swim floatie is a great tool for anyone who wants to stay safe while in the water. While swim floaties for toddlers may be the most common, they are for children of all ages and adults They are perfect for young children, as they provide a sense of security and keep them afloat. Additionally, swim floaties are ideal for adults who want to relax and enjoy a day at the pool or beach without having to worry about their safety.

At what age should a child start swim lessons?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best time for a child to start swim lessons will vary depending on their age, swimming ability, and experience in the water. However, many swim instructors recommend starting swim lessons at around 6 months old, as this is when babies typically have enough muscle control to start learning basic swimming techniques.

Swim lessons or Swim floaties?

In the debate of swim lessons vs swim floaties, it is important to first understand the difference between the two. Swim lessons are typically given by a professional instructor in a pool and are meant to teach children how to swim. Swim floaties, on the other hand, are inflatable devices that children wear around their waist in order to keep them afloat. Swim floaties are not meant to be a long-term answer to water safety.

When it comes to deciding whether or not to enroll your child in swim lessons, there are a few things to consider.

First, how old is your child? Swimming lessons are typically recommended for children who are at least 6 months old. Additionally, it is generally recommended that all children after the age of 4 begin some type of swimming school, as this is when they usually have enough coordination and strength to participate in the class.

Second, what is your budget? Swim floaties are a cheaper option to keep children safe in the short term. Swimming lessons can be expensive, but can offer a high quality of instruction.

Finally, what is your child’s swimming ability? If your child cannot yet swim independently, then swim lessons are a must. However, if your child can already swim but needs help staying afloat, then swim floaties may be a better option.

Swim floaties absolutely have their place in keeping children safe around the water, but swim lessons are the definitive answer to teaching children the proper techniques and keeping them safe in the water in the long run. Lifeguard LI may receive a commission for purchases made through the affiliate links in this article. However, our goal is to provide unbiased advice on the best and most eco-sustainable products on the market. Our recommendations are always based on thorough research and testing, regardless of any potential affiliate relationships.

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