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Lifeguard Jobs On Long Island

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Job Alert - Lifeguard Position for Summer 2023

Lifeguard LI is seeking qualified individuals in Long Island NY to work as lifeguards at our collection of pools. If you have the necessary training and experience, we would love to hear from you. In addition to competitive pay, we offer a number of benefits, including flexible scheduling and free training and recertification. For more information about our organization, click here.

On-duty lifeguard

Lifeguard LI is a premier lifeguard staffing company on Long Island, NY.

On-Going Training

We also provide ongoing training to help our employees stay up-to-date on the latest safety standards and continuing education to prepare you for a career you are passionate about.

If you are interested in joining our team, please apply online and send us your resume. We look forward to hearing from you.

What Can Lifeguard LI Offer You?

At Lifeguard LI, we provide a wide range of products and services to our clients. We specialize in pool management and operations, but also provide lifeguards for private pool parties and year round job opportunities as lifeguards and swim instructors. We have a team of experts who can provide guidance and support throughout the hiring and onboarding process.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a high level of customer service and always aim to exceed expectations. We understand that our lifeguards are an integral part of our success, therefore you are treated with the respect and professionalism.

Supportive and Positive Work Environment

Lifeguard LI is committed to providing a supportive and positive work environment. Our employee assistance program provides free counseling and support services to help employees navigate through tough times. We also host monthly staff meetings where employees can give feedback and suggest new ideas. These meetings help to create a sense of community and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Lifeguard LI is an employer that truly cares about their employees and their well-being. If you're looking for a Lifeguard job on Long Island, then we're the company for you. Contact us today to find out more.

Your Importance as a lifeguard

Lifeguards play a vital role in keeping pool patrons safe. They are trained to spot potential hazards and provide assistance in case of an emergency.

Lifeguard Expectations

As a pool lifeguard, you will be qualified to handle any situation that may arise. Lifeguard rescues may not be common at a well supervised facility, but we regularly conduct drills and practice our rescue techniques so that we are always prepared. In addition, we are constantly monitoring the weather conditions and the water chemistry. We want everyone to enjoy their time at the pool area, but we rely on our lifeguards to do everything they can to ensure water safety.

Lifeguard rescue

Maintain Lifeguard Skills

Remember, at Lifeguard LI you will be expected to carry out all lifeguarding responsibilities, such as creating a safe environment on the pool deck and in the water, practice emergency action plans and enforce proper pool guidelines.

Not only do you need to be alert and attentive at all times, but you also need to be able to act quickly and confidently in the event of an emergency.


In addition to your lifesaving skills, you also play an important role in preventing accidents by educating swimmers about pool dangers and ensuring that they follow safety rules. By being a responsible and vigilant lifeguard, you can help make sure that everyone enjoys a safe and fun day at the pool.

You should always maintain current lifeguard and CPR certifications. Alert management if your are expired and we can assist with in-house recertification. Current lifeguard certification cards must always be kept on file at LGLI headquarters. As a reminder, a professional rescuer certification is required, a basic-level CPR certification will not be accepted.

outdoor pool with lounge chairs

Our Lifeguard Jobs Locations

We are looking for hard-working and detail-oriented individuals to join our team. Currently, we have openings in Glen Cove, Huntington, Sea Cliff and Manhasset areas for part time/full time lifeguard positions. We also offer mobile lifeguarding services across Long Island.

Our environment is perfect for those who thrive under pressure. Our Glen Cove office is located on the North shore of Nassau County, with satellite offices throughout Long Island. You should be a mature, responsible and fun individual who can help us stay keep pools safe and stay ahead of the curve.

Application Process

The hiring process at Lifeguard LI is designed to ensure that we find the best candidates to join our team. The first step is to submit an application online or in person.

Once your application has been received, it will be reviewed by our HR department. If your qualifications meet our needs, you will be contacted to schedule an interview. The interview is an opportunity for you both to learn more about each other and to determine if the job is a good fit.

If we decide to move forward with your candidacy, the next step is a background check and references check.

If you are not yet certified, we may be able to offer a free lifeguard certification, which is offered as an incentive based upon the work commitment you can give us. Incentive bonuses are also available to current staff that are available to work in June and September.

Job Offer

Once the application and interview process has been completed successfully, you will be extended a job offer. We understand that starting a new job can be both exciting and scary, so we do our best to make the transition as smooth as possible. You will receive onboarding paperwork that will detail everything from your daily responsibility to how to clock in, clock out and get paid!


Continued Education and Advancement Opportunities

At Lifeguard LI, we take pride in being able to offer high-quality lifeguard services, but we also know that a high percentage of our staff are not looking to be full-time, professional lifeguards for the rest of their lives.

Internal Advancement

Lifeguard LI encourages internal advancement, as 90% of our head lifeguard and aquatic director positions are filled by current employees. We encourage and support our staff by assisting anyone that is interested in obtaining advanced certifications and in-house management training.

Many of our lifeguards go on to become water safety instructors (teach campers and club members to swim), certified pool operators (test and balance chemical) and pool managers (supervise lifeguards and swim instructors) within our company or with other partner organizations.

Career Opportunities

Lastly, we offer work study programs to obtain additional college credits and offer additional work opportunities in areas our lifeguards may have a passion or expertise. We have hired videographers, content writers, social media managers and website designers from our talent pool of former lifeguards. We hope you will be the next candidate to take the journey from lifeguard to beyond!


If you are interested in joining our team on Long Island, NY, we encourage you to read through the information on our website here and familiarize yourself with what we do. We are always looking for qualified and passionate individuals to join us, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you think you would be a good fit.

When you are ready, you can click here to apply. Thank you for your time and interest!


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