Hosting A Home Pool Party? Hire A Lifeguard!

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Private Lifeguard

Private swimming pool safety is a significant concern among households, especially during summer pool parties and get-togethers. And while children get the attention required to keep them afloat, adults face higher risks of drowning, especially in crowded pools. No homeowner would like to have a tragedy curate the annals of their memories in their backyard pool.

Lifeguard LI has the solution to this pressing problem because we know that you need a guardian over your pool guests. If you are still skeptical, you may not realize how beneficial hiring a professional lifeguard for your party is!

360° Adult Supervision

While you, being the host, have to chaperon the guests over to the appetizers, a child could wander off to the pool and fall in. You can't have that on your 'watch'; you don't have eyes at the back of your head. You may be great at spurring up parties, but there is no shame in hiring help & reliable lifeguards to keep the party chaos under control.

Enforcement of Pool Rules

People love food, parties, & pools! It's the perfect event to flaunt your post-pregnancy beach-bod in designer bikinis and for the gents to show what they've been up to at the gym, but no one holds back from party food. Having gorged themselves, your guests saunter off to take a dive and end up with cramping, nausea, and possible drowning. A lifeguard won't keep their eyes on the food but on your guests about to dive in and stop them right there. Swimming right after a full stomach is a major no-no, a fact most adults ignore!

Knee-Jerk Reaction

Untrained people often don't know the best course of action in the case of an emergency. And chances are your party's best swimmer might be distracted by a pretty-young-someone at the far end of the pool even to notice a person in distress. A lifeguard knows the signs and knows to dive in without a second thought to fish the person out. Parties are planned to be fun; no one is playing Baywatch, so you better get the real deal by hiring a professional lifeguard!

Resuscitation Expertise

CPR is not as easily performed as the movies would have you believe. Amateurs can cause enough damage by not compressing the chest right & forgetting to supplement with rescue breaths. The head needs to be tilted, the chest compressions have to be a certain depth, and you must call emergency immediately while tending to the person affected. A party can turn to potential tragedy in a matter of minutes. The brain can survive around 4 minutes without oxygen before brain damage & eventual death becomes imminent. Please, hire a lifeguard!

Incident-Free Events

With a certified professional lifeguard holding vigil over your home pool party, you can breathe easy, knowing your wards, guests, and family members are all going to be safe. Anyone who can't swim will have to declare so before visiting the pool's shallow end with swim-floats, and everyone will be accounted for around snack times. We guarantee you; it will be one heck of a party!

Lifeguard LI, proudly serving the beach-loved village of Sea Cliff, NY, implores you to exercise caution during any planned residential, public, competitive, & business events that involve a pool. We have provided Red Cross Certified lifeguards for various recreational aquatic facilities in the region with success & offer our professionals to be your eyes around your backyard bonanza!

Book Lifeguard LI's pool pros for your next home pool party, and go big!

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