Downed & Drowning: 7 Signs That Can Turn A Pool Party Into Something Sinister

Updated: Aug 16

Big film franchises like Baywatch have highly romanticized, sexualized & distorted our perception of what it is like spotting a drowning person & how to rescue & revive them. In real life, a drowning person will struggle and flail around in the water for a bit before becoming stationary. And the danger is genuine even in a swimming pool where so many children & adults are in a constricted space.

As a lifeguard, one must remove themselves from the media perceptions of drowning and focus on studying real-life signs that indicate a person in distress in the water. Lifeguard LI focuses on this, and here are some basic signs of drowning that can turn a simple pool party into tragedy.

1. The person is seen hyperventilating and visibly panicking without making much sound.

2. The person's head is low with water reaching to their mouth level.

3. The person exhibits a head tilted back with their mouth open.

4. The person seems motionless, floating vertically in the water.

5. The person is trying to swim in a particular direction but can't seem to move.

6. The person appears to be clawing their way out of the water.

7. Upon retrieval from the water, the person presents wide glassy eyes that can't focus.

So much lifeguard attention is directed toward young children that a drowning adult is often overlooked. Our services only provide the best lifeguards who don't differentiate between adults or children and supervise them all the same.

What Can You Do If a Person Is Drowning?

1. If the person is still conscious, tell them to remain calm, not to flail about, and keep their head above the water.

2. Throw a floatable object to the person in distress. Or a branch or pool cleaning equipment.

3. Allow a capable swimmer to take charge and haul the person out of the water.

4. If the person has lost all consciousness, lay them down and immediately call 911. Do not rest the person sitting against their backs.

Prevention Is Better Than Inviting Disaster

Be it a college, a community, or a private pool, if there are weak swimmers around or non-swimmers in tow, never leave them unsupervised. The designated water watcher should equally watch children & adults. Provide flotation gear and always have an extra on hand to throw to a person in distress.

Hire Lifeguard LI's Services for Every Pool Activity

The idea of swimming in a pool away from the now frigid waters of Long Island Beach sounds almost safe & idyllic. But drowning can occur at the most unexpected time at even ADA-complaint pool areas. Never take water distances for granted in a pool as every second getting to a drowning person is a matter of life & death to them.

Lifeguard LI stresses the need for quality trained pool head managers & lifeguards, not to be just reserved for their Baywatch stereotypes, but at every event pool-related. We offer Red Cross certification in CPR/AED and training starting with college level applicants to graduates and beyond. Our 2021 alumni are among three tiers of expertise offered from standard, professional, to EMT level Lifeguards for Elite pool & beach events.

A pool party is no party without a Lifeguard LI on the turf. Book one of ours now!

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