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Dechoker Review: The Essential Anti-Choking Device

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Choking is a silent predator that can strike in the most mundane moments: a family meal, a child's playtime, or even during a snack break. It's a terrifying ordeal that can quickly escalate to a life-threatening situation if not promptly addressed. Traditional first aid methods like back blows or the Heimlich maneuver may not always be effective or feasible in such scenarios.

Enter Dechoker: a groundbreaking anti-choking device that offers a quick, safe, and efficient solution to choking emergencies. This revolutionary medical invention is a beacon of hope in critical moments, designed for simplicity and efficiency. It requires minimal training to operate, making it accessible to anyone – from teenagers to the elderly.


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The Dechoker operates on the principle of suction, targeting and effectively removing the obstruction in the airway. Despite its simple design, the device is backed by medical science and rigorous testing, ensuring it performs when it matters most.

Moreover, the Dechoker is versatile, catering to both adults and children. This broad age range coverage makes it an essential tool in all settings – homes, schools, hospitals, and emergency response vehicles.

Dechoker on Amazon

Inside the Dechoker: A Closer Look at Its Design and Functionality

Unpacking the Dechoker: The Science Behind its Simplicity

The Dechoker may appear straightforward and uncomplicated, but it is a product of careful design and intricate understanding of the human anatomy and the dynamics of a choking situation. Its construction embodies the perfect balance of medical innovation, user-friendly design, and the essential need for quick and effective results during emergencies.

The central component of the Dechoker is its mask, designed to fit comfortably over the mouth and nose. This mask creates an airtight seal, ensuring that the suction effect is optimized. Upon pulling the handle, the device generates a force that dislodges the object obstructing the airway, sucking it into a containment chamber. This mechanism, while simple in its operation, is immensely effective, often yielding immediate results.

Equipped with a tongue depressor, the Dechoker anticipates and prevents the mouth cavity from collapsing during the process. This addition not only enhances the safety of the device but also further ensures the success of the airway clearance.

The backflow release valve is another significant feature of the Dechoker. It is designed to prevent any dislodged materials from re-entering the airway, reducing the risk of repeated choking.

The Blueprint of Life-Saving: Dechoker’s Features & Specifications Unraveled

The Dechoker, with its blend of simplicity, efficacy, and safety, stands out as an indispensable ally during choking emergencies. Let's delve into the specifics of this device and comprehend how each feature contributes to making Dechoker a life-saving companion.

Unmatched Portability

One of the most striking aspects of the Dechoker is its lightweight and compact nature. This essential characteristic makes it a highly portable solution, apt for quick access during critical situations. Easily fitting into a handbag, office drawer, school first-aid kit, or even a car's glove compartment, the Dechoker makes an invaluable addition to any emergency preparedness kit.

User-friendly Design

The Dechoker, unlike many medical devices, demands minimal training for effective operation. Its user-friendly design reduces the risk of application errors and comes with simple, easy-to-follow instructions. This feature enables anyone, including children, to use it effectively during emergencies.

Age-specific Variants

The Dechoker doesn't follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it is thoughtfully designed in two versions to cater to different age groups: one for adults aged 12 years and up and another for children aged 3-12 years. This thoughtful design ensures a superior fit, enhancing the effectiveness of the device during a life-threatening situation.

Respiratory Mask and Tongue Depressor

At the heart of the Dechoker is its respiratory mask. Designed to be placed over the victim's mouth and nose, the mask provides an airtight seal optimizing the suction power of the device. Additionally, the device includes a tongue depressor, preventing the mouth cavity from collapsing during suction. This innovative feature significantly enhances the safety of the operation.

Backflow Release Valve

Finally, the Dechoker includes a backflow release valve that restricts debris from re-entering the airway, effectively eliminating the risk of re-choking, a common issue during choking incidents.

The Dechoker Revealed: What’s Inside the Box


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Unwrapping the Dechoker packaging isn't merely unboxing a product; it's the unveiling of an assurance of safety, a life-saving tool that can be a lifesaver during an airway obstruction crisis. Let's decipher the crucial components that this pack offers and understand how each contributes to its life-saving purpose.

Key Components and Design

The Dechoker package boasts a sleek, minimalist design that houses everything required to react swiftly in a choking emergency. The package's central piece is the Dechoker device, featuring a clear, easy-grip handle and a cylindrical tube responsible for creating the suction. This tube is connected to the respiratory mask, ergonomically shaped to offer an efficient and secure seal over the victim’s mouth and nose.

Safety Features: The Tongue Depressor

Integral to the Dechoker device is a tongue depressor. This element prevents the mouth cavity from collapsing during use, ensuring a clear path for the obstruction to be suctioned out safely. This component adds a significant safety layer to the Dechoker.

Comprehensive User Instructions

Within the package, you'll discover comprehensive, illustrated instructions that guide the user through the process of employing the device. These instructions, penned in simple language, ensure that even someone with no medical background can understand and use the device effectively.

Catering to All Ages: Two Sizes

A significant advantage of the Dechoker is its availability in two sizes to cater to different age groups. If you order the pack of two, you'll receive both the adult and child-sized Dechoker. This feature adds an extra layer of reassurance, knowing that you're equipped to handle choking emergencies across age groups.

How to Use the Dechoker: User Guide

Dechoker Design: The Pillars of Simplicity and Efficiency

Before examining the detailed process, note that the Dechoker's design targets simplicity and efficiency. The ergonomic handle, mouthpiece, tongue depressor, and one-way valve each play a unique role in facilitating a quick, safe, and effective response to a choking incident.

Positioning the Victim

The use of the Dechoker begins with correctly positioning the victim, ideally sitting or standing, and tilting their head back to open the airway.

Placing the Mouthpiece

Next, place the Dechoker's mouthpiece over the victim's mouth and nose, forming a tight seal. This step is pivotal in generating the necessary suction to dislodge the foreign object.

Creating Suction

Subsequently, pull the Dechoker's handle up, creating a vacuum that draws the obstructing item from the airway into the device. The Dechoker's unique feature, the tongue depressor, prevents the tongue from blocking the airway during the suction process, thereby maximizing the suction's effectiveness.

Checking and Repeating if Necessary

After the pull, remove the device from the victim's mouth, and check to ensure that normal breathing has resumed. If the obstruction persists, repeat the process until emergency medical help arrives.

Additional Considerations

While these steps are clear and straightforward, remember that every choking situation can differ. Some may require multiple pulls, and others may necessitate additional first aid procedures, like back blows or abdominal thrusts, before using the Dechoker.

LifeVac in Practice: Real World Success Stories

how to use a lifevac

LifeVac's utility extends beyond the theoretical; its effectiveness has been demonstrated in real-life situations multiple times. A host of stories bear testament to the value this device brings in a choking emergency. We've highlighted some of these remarkable instances below.

Life Saved by an Ohio Officer

In one of the countless success stories associated with LifeVac, an Ohio police officer saved a choking toddler's life. The 2-year-old had accidentally ingested a 2-inch-long toy nail, which blocked his airway. The quick-thinking officer retrieved a LifeVac device from the trunk of his patrol car and skillfully used it to dislodge the obstruction. Read the full story here.

Baby Gabriel's Close Call

In November 2021, a 10-month-old boy named Gabriel choked on a piece of pancake. Initial attempts to clear his airway with the Heimlich maneuver were unsuccessful, turning an ordinary breakfast into a terrifying ordeal. Luckily, a bystander, Major Hillard, had a LifeVac in his car. Using the device, he managed to remove the blockage and save Gabriel's life. Read more about it here.

A Neighbor's Life-Saving Intervention

In another incident, a 1-year-old boy began to choke on a clementine wedge. As luck would have it, a vigilant neighbor drove by just as the boy's father was attempting back blows. The neighbor, who had a LifeVac in her diaper bag, quickly used the device. With a single pull, she was able to dislodge the clementine, and the boy started crying — a sound of relief after the tense moment.

The Rainbow Baby Incident

In yet another instance, a 10-month-old girl choked on a yogurt drop snack, which had melted and blocked her airway. Her mother tried finger sweeps to clear the obstruction, but it proved unsuccessful. The situation looked dire, but thanks to LifeVac, it was not hopeless. After three attempts with the device, the snack was dislodged, and the little girl could breathe again.

These stories represent only a fraction of the over 1,000 lives saved by LifeVac. Each one underscores the difference this life-saving device can make when every second counts.

Pros and Cons of the Dechoker

choking child

Pros and Cons of Dechoker: A Balanced View

When evaluating a life-saving device, it's vital to objectively assess both its strengths and potential drawbacks. By understanding the Dechoker's pros and cons, you can make an informed decision about its suitability for your needs.

Innovation and Versatility: The pros of Dechoker

One of the Dechoker's significant strengths is its innovative design that emphasizes ease of use, minimal training requirements, and effectiveness in various choking scenarios. Its compactness and portability allow it to be stored in multiple locations - at home, in your car, or at work. The device's utility across a broad age range, from individuals aged 12 months and up, further underscores its versatility.

Another considerable advantage of the Dechoker is the inclusion of the tongue depressor, which enhances the device's effectiveness by preventing the tongue from blocking the airway during suction. This simple yet ingenious feature elevates the Dechoker's efficacy over standard first aid techniques and other anti-choking devices.

Training Requirements and Limitations: The cons of Dechoker

However, like any product, the Dechoker does have limitations. Its design, while intended to require minimal training, could present challenges for some individuals. Panic in a choking situation could lead to confusion and mistakes, even with straightforward devices, emphasizing the importance of familiarity through regular training.

Moreover, the Dechoker is not a guaranteed solution for every choking scenario. Some situations might necessitate professional medical intervention or additional first aid maneuvers such as back blows or the Heimlich maneuver.

Our Review Score: 96/100

Given its design, usability, and lifesaving capabilities, the Dechoker gets an overall score of 96 out of 100 from our expert review. This high score reflects the device's potential to significantly influence the outcome in a choking emergency. Here's a detailed look into our scoring criteria and how the Dechoker fares in each:

Design & Construction (19/20)

The Dechoker impresses with its user-centric design and robust construction. The inbuilt tongue depressor and the backflow release valve are especially noteworthy elements. A point was deducted for the lack of color-coding or size indicators for different age-group models.

Ease of Use (20/20)

Dechoker's straightforward operation is a strong plus point. Instructions are clear, making it usable even by individuals with minimal training. However, in stressful situations, operating any device can be challenging, warranting a small reduction in score.

Efficacy (20/20)

The Dechoker delivers when it matters most, making it a reliable device in life-threatening scenarios. Its effectiveness is backed by numerous success stories and emergency medical professionals.

Portability (20/20)

Compact and lightweight, the Dechoker can conveniently fit in your car, backpack, or home first aid kit. Its portability makes it a handy tool in emergencies where time is of the essence.

Price & Value (17/20)

While the Dechoker is relatively expensive compared to some anti-choking devices on the market, the price point is justified by its potential to save lives. However, it's worth considering that the cost could be a barrier for some, causing a slight decrease in this category's score.

Our high score reflects our confidence in the Dechoker's potential as a life-saving tool. However, remember that no device replaces the need for first aid knowledge and training. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Dechoker and practice using it in non-emergency situations to be fully prepared. After all, being ready can make the difference when every second counts.

Price and Purchase Options

The Dechoker is available on Amazon for $69.95. Various payment plans are available, and there's also a business pricing option which can save up to 10%.

Dechoker on amazon

Use Cases: The Dechoker in Real-World Scenarios

The Dechoker, with its universal design, applies to a variety of situations beyond what one might typically consider. Here are some real-life scenarios where the Dechoker can prove to be the crucial difference:

Home Safety

Meal times can quickly turn into a distressing situation with a choking incident. Whether it's a toddler exploring with food or an adult accidentally swallowing a large piece, the Dechoker provides an immediate solution. With its simple instructions, anyone in the family, from a teenager to an elderly person, can operate it, making it an essential part of every home's first aid kit.

Educational Institutions

School cafeterias and playgrounds are spaces where children are at risk. Kids often talk and laugh while eating or even run around with food in their mouths, leading to potential choking incidents. Having a Dechoker handy in these environments can empower teachers and school staff to handle emergencies promptly and effectively.

Public Venues and Events

Large gatherings at stadiums, concerts, or festivals increase the chances of a choking emergency due to the availability of food and the sheer number of people. Dechoker devices at these venues, with clear instructions, can be a lifeline in such crowded situations.

Care Homes and Hospitals

For individuals with certain medical conditions or the elderly who have trouble swallowing, the Dechoker can be a lifesaver. Caregivers and medical staff can quickly and safely clear the airway obstruction, minimizing the risk of further complications.

Consider a real-life anecdote where a father, dining with his family at a local restaurant, suddenly started choking on a piece of steak.

A waiter, trained to use the Dechoker, quickly stepped in. Within moments of deploying the device, the obstruction was cleared, and the man could breathe again, turning a potentially tragic incident into a grateful sigh of relief.

A Valuable Addition but Not a Standalone Solution

In summary, the Dechoker has the potential to make a significant difference in life-threatening choking situations. It's an innovative, accessible, and potentially life-saving tool that would be a valuable addition to any first aid kit.

However, it's important to remember that it doesn't replace standard first aid training and should be used as part of a comprehensive emergency response plan.

With a good understanding of its operation and regular practice, the Dechoker can indeed be a trusted ally in keeping you and your loved ones safe.

We believe that this product holds an invaluable place in ensuring the safety of our loved ones. Purchase one here today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can the Dechoker Be Cleaned After Use?

The Dechoker can be disassembled and cleaned by rinsing it under warm water. Do not use solvents or harsh detergents as they may damage the device. Ensure it is thoroughly dried before reassembling.

Is the Dechoker Reusable?

Yes, the Dechoker is designed to be reusable. Remember to clean it thoroughly after each use to maintain its effectiveness and safety.

Does the Dechoker Replace Traditional First Aid Techniques for Choking?

No, the Dechoker should not replace traditional first aid techniques like back blows or the Heimlich maneuver. It should be viewed as an additional tool that can be used when standard techniques aren't successful or can't be applied.

What Age Range is the Dechoker Suitable For?

The Dechoker comes in two versions: one for adults and older children (aged 12 and above) and another for younger children (aged 3 to 12). It is not recommended for children under the age of 3 due to their smaller size and delicate anatomy.

What to Do If the Dechoker Doesn’t Remove the Obstruction on the First Attempt?

If the Dechoker doesn't dislodge the object on the first attempt, repeat the process until the object is removed or until professional medical help arrives. If the obstruction persists, consider applying other first aid techniques.

Can the Dechoker Be Used on Oneself During a Choking Emergency?

Yes, the Dechoker is designed to be used by an individual on themselves during a choking incident. However, if another person is present, it is preferable for them to apply the device.

How Quickly Does the Dechoker Work?

The Dechoker can dislodge an obstruction within seconds of use. However, the exact timing can vary depending on the specifics of the choking incident.


This blog post is a product review and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult with a healthcare provider for any medical emergencies.

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