4 Reasons Why Young Children Need To Learn To Swim

Updated: Aug 16

It is never too early to learn how to swim. Swimming provides many positive physical and mental health benefits that last a lifetime. Swimming can be a life-saving skill that children should learn at an early age. It helps them feel confident in the water and has been proven to improve their cognitive development and build self-esteem. Here are four reasons why your child should take swim lessons.

1) Swimming is an Essential Life Skill

Drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional accident-related deaths in children under the age of 14. A study conducted in 2009 found that children who took swimming lessons were at an 88% lower risk of drowning as compared with children who did not take such lessons.

Organizations like Lifeguard Li can help your child learn this essential skill safely.

Additionally, swimming can be a fun activity that helps build your child's confidence while also providing positive physical and mental health benefits such as reducing stress levels or decreasing anxiety. The earlier they learn this valuable skill, the better prepared they'll be when visiting pools with friends on hot summer days!

2) Young Swimmers Progress at their Own Pace

Kids learn swimming at their own pace, and there are no set measurements for success. With the traditional learning methods adopted by most swimming schools, students progress at their own pace because they learn to master one skill before moving on to the next.

This teaching method creates an environment that allows your child to develop self-esteem and confidence in all aspects of life! This will help your child when it comes time to enroll in physical education or sports courses during their school years.

3) Helps Children Overcome Their Fear of Water

It can be frustrating for parents, teachers, and the children themselves when they cannot face their fears even after being told they have mastered many of the essential steps needed to move forward. When this happens, it can lead them on an endless cycle where fear prevents them from progressing with their lessons until they feel confident enough to try again!

The habit of diving in the water helps children overcome the fears that could hold them back from mastering swimming.

4) Swimming Makes Children Smarter

Research has shown that children who learn swimming at a young age have more advanced cognitive abilities compared to those who have not. They can solve problems, recognize patterns and even speak a second language more fluently!

Learning swimming can be tedious, but the benefits it brings for children are worth every moment spent struggling with their lessons.

Swimming makes them feel confident in themselves as they overcome their fears and discover just how capable they are underwater!

It’s no surprise that so many kids love being around pools. Fun activities like diving for rings or simply jumping into the cool water on a hot sunny day make children want to spend hours splashing about until parents say it's time to go home!

If you want to schedule swimming sessions for your young ones in Sea Cliff, NY, then Lifeguard Li is here to help you. In addition to providing lifeguard certification courses in Long Island, we help to impart invaluable swimming skills to the younger generation. Schedule a session with our trained staff and help your child master the art of swimming!

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