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CPR/AED/First Aid Training For Professionals

Providing the Required Trainings and Certifications You Need

Get Certified In Lifesaving Techniques
and Be Prepared
When it matters most

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Our training courses for professionals are ideal for teachers, first responders, camp counselors and anyone else in a workplace that requires emergency training. Anyone working around young children should be well versed in how to assist a child with an obstructed airway as well as knowing how to treat allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock.


Those working with the elderly population should equally keep their training sharp as they will have a higher chance of needing to assist an elderly person with a heart attack, or worse cardiac arrest. How to perform CPR, operate an AED and administer first aid could be vital to saving a life. You will learn how to assess and treat a victim for stroke, diabetic emergencies and seizures among many other lifesaving first aid skills.

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Why Your Training Matters

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We bring custom catered CPR, AED and First Aid programs to your facility. Perfect for teachers, first responders, office workers and many other groups.

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