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CPR For Professionals Rescuers and Healthcare Providers

Providing the Professional Trainings and Certifications You Need

As a First Responder you need advanced training to get a
lifesaving edge

CPR heart hearbeat

Our CPR for Professional Rescuers and Healthcare Providers is the required certification to work as a lifeguard and healthcare employee. Our training program follows American Red Cross guidelines and you will receive a certification card valid for 2 years. Our training goes above and beyond what other programs offer - our instructors have real world experience and can give a different perspective with unique advice that could make the difference in saving a life.

This advanced training program prepares you to assist an adult, child, and infant using CPR and an AED with one rescuers or multiple. You will learn how to check for a pulse and how to administer rescue breaths for a person who has a pulse, but is not breathing. You will also train with a bag valve mask and a resuscitation mask to give ventilations. Professional Rescuer and Healthcare Provider CPR is most often required for anyone is required to be licensed to provide care.

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The Importance of Advanced Training

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We bring custom catered CPR, AED and First Aid programs to your facility. Perfect for teachers, first responders, office workers and many other groups.

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