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Learn to Swim

Learn more about the Learn to Swim Training course with Lifeguard LI

Learn to Swim

The American Red Cross Learn to Swim Training program is a swimming instruction program that offers classes for all levels of swimmers, from those who have never set foot in a pool before to those who are looking to brush up on their strokes. The program is designed to give students a well-rounded education in all things swimming, from water safety to stroke technique.

The program is divided into six levels, each of which builds upon the skills learned in the previous level. Level one, for example, focuses on teaching students how to get comfortable in the water and become familiar with the basic strokes. In level two, students begin learning how to swim independently, and by level six they should be able to swim confidently and competently in any situation.

Each level of the program consists of eight 30-minute sessions, for a total of 48 minutes of instruction per week. In addition to the weekly classes, students will also have access to online resources, such as video lessons and printable materials. These resources can be used to supplement the in-person instruction and help students learn at their own pace.

The American Red Cross Learn to Swim Training program is a comprehensive swimming instruction program that is perfect for students of all levels. Whether you have never set foot in a pool before or you are looking to brush up on your strokes, this program can help you reach your goals. With eight 30-minute sessions per level, plus access to online resources, you will have everything you need to learn how to swim confidently and competently. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Visit Lifeguard LI or Contact us at (516) 405-0676 for more details about signing up for a Learn to swim course on Long Island, NY.

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