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Lifeguard Readiness Online Course

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Course Details

This program offers a thorough online training experience for aspiring and seasoned lifeguards alike. Through interactive modules, participants will engage with real-world scenarios and virtual simulations, ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective and safe water rescues. Whether you're starting your lifeguard journey or looking to refresh your expertise, this course provides the tools and insights needed for success in the field. Course creator, Steve Grella, has over two decades of experience as a lifeguard, swim instructor, aquatic director, police officer, and EMT. Every step has been about ensuring the well-being of others. Lifeguard LI, which he founded in 2012, is a culmination of over two decades of hands-on experience in aquatic safety. But why does this matter for this course? Because he's been in your shoes. He's faced the challenges, felt the adrenaline during emergencies, and experienced the satisfaction of ensuring safety. Steve designed this Lifeguard Readiness Course not just from textbooks but from real-life experiences, ensuring you get practical, tested, and invaluable insights. Choosing this course means you're not just learning the technicalities of lifeguarding. You're gaining the wisdom of years, understanding the nuances, and preparing yourself for real-world scenarios. We hope you gain valuable insight from this course!





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