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Parent & Tot Program

     Ages: 6-36 Months | Parents Participation: Yes

The purpose of the Parent & Program program is to get the young child and adult comfortable within the aquatics environment. The adult will learn basic safety skills through our structured curriculum while engaging with their little one in the water. Our instructor will engage participants in blowing bubbles, going underwater and full body movement. Learning will be purposeful, yet fun, using water toys, songs and activities to enhance class participation.

Our passion is safety for all, but most importantly your little one. By starting at such a young age, we are able to educate and engage the adult in water safety and prepare to teach the child to learn to swim.

Parents in water with their babies learning to kick and get comfortable in the water

Summer Session at North Shore Day Camp Begins June 25!

Our 8-week program will meet on Monday-Wednesday from 4:20pm-7:20pm and Sundays from 10am-1pm at 85 Crescent Beach Rd., Glen Cove. 

  • All sessions meet once a week at registered day and time

  • You will be permitted one absence for any reason that can be made up at another time

  • Inclimate weather will not count as an absence

  • All programs are paid for in full for the entire program prior to participation

  • All Credits, refunds, etc will be managed through the Levirey Swim School management team

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