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In The Swim Pool Closing Kit Review: A Comprehensive Guide to Winterizing Your Pool

The transition to winter requires pool owners to take essential steps in ensuring their pools are well-maintained and protected. "In The Swim Pool Closing Kit" offers a comprehensive solution to this annual task, providing tools and resources to make the process efficient.

In The Swim Pool Closing Kit on amazon

Adaptability for Various Pools

The kit is designed to cater to a range of pools, both above-ground and inground. Its availability in different sizes ensures that pools of diverse dimensions receive appropriate care.

A Complete Winterizing Solution

The kit's strength lies in its comprehensive nature. It combines necessary chemicals and a detailed instruction guide, streamlining the winterization process for pool owners.

Safety and Compatibility Considerations

Prioritizing safety, the kit is formulated without chlorine, making it suitable for most pool types. However, it's worth noting that pools operating on a biguanide system might require a different approach.

What is In The Swim Pool Closing Kit?

Winterization plays a pivotal role in maintaining a pool's health during the colder months. The "In The Swim Pool Closing Kit" offers a comprehensive solution, ensuring pool owners have a dependable method to safeguard their pools.

Core Components

The kit is not just a mix of chemicals but a strategic combination. It brings together algaecide for warding off algae, shock treatments for water clarity, and other essentials designed for effective winterization. Recognizing the diversity in pool sizes, the kit is available in variations, catering to both smaller pools of around 7,500 gallons and larger ones up to 35,000 gallons.

Safety and Suitability

A notable feature of this kit is its absence of chlorine in its formulation. This ensures the pool surfaces, be it vinyl or plaster, are protected from potential staining or bleaching. Moreover, being chlorine-free makes it environmentally considerate and safe for swimmers.

Kit's Utility

The "In The Swim Pool Closing Kit" stands as an indispensable asset for pool owners. It streamlines the winterization process, ensuring pools are well-maintained during the off-season. As this review progresses, we'll delve deeper into the many facets and advantages of this winterization toolkit.

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Components of the Kit

in the swim pool closing kit on amazon

Integrated Winterization Solution

The "In The Swim Pool Closing Kit" provides a comprehensive approach to pool winterization, ensuring optimal maintenance during the colder months. Let's examine the specific components that contribute to its efficacy.

Winter Sorb

Winter Sorb is a specialized component designed to maintain the pool's plumbing system. Its concentrated formula helps prevent the accumulation of scale and other deposits, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of the plumbing.


Algae growth can be a concern during winter. The included algaecide in the kit addresses this issue by not only eliminating existing algae but also preventing its growth. It's formulated to be effective against a wide range of algae types and is compatible with various pool surfaces.

Chlorine-Free Shock

The kit incorporates a chlorine-free shock, offering a milder alternative to traditional chlorine-based products. Its primary function is to oxidize contaminants, ensuring the water remains clear and safe. Additionally, its formulation is gentle, reducing potential irritation to skin and eyes.

Winter Floater

The winter floater in the kit serves a dual purpose. Infused with a non-chlorine oxidizer, it helps reduce carbon dioxide levels in the water, thereby limiting algae growth. This ensures the pool remains clean and free from common micro-contaminants.

Stain Away

To address potential staining during winter, the kit includes Stain Away. This component is designed to counteract various stains, ensuring the pool's aesthetic appeal is maintained across different surface types.


winter pool

Concluding the kit's components is the winterizer, which offers protection to the pool's surfaces and equipment against potential damage from freezing temperatures. This ensures the pool remains in good condition, ready for use when warmer months return.

Usage and Instructions

The "In The Swim Pool Closing Kit" provides a structured approach to pool winterization, ensuring that pools remain in optimal condition during the winter months. The kit contains pre-measured packs of essential winter pool chemicals, tailored for pools of various sizes, including Chlorine-Free Shock, Winter Algaecide, and Winter Stain Away treatment.

Procedure Breakdown

1. Pool Cleaning Begin by ensuring the pool is clean. Vacuum the pool's bottom and skim its surface to remove any debris.

2. Water Balancing Using a water testing kit, check and adjust the pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels to meet the recommended standards.

3. Water Level Adjustment Reduce the water level to just below the skimmer level to prevent potential damage from freezing.

4. Application of Winter Chemicals Following the provided instructions, add the winter pool chemicals from the "In The Swim Pool Closing Kit".

5. Filter Maintenance Clean the pool filter to ensure it's free from any accumulated debris from the past season.

6. Equipment Preparation Remove drain plugs from essential pool equipment, such as the pump, filter, and heater.

7. Plumbing Maintenance Use a compressor to clear out the pool plumbing lines, ensuring no residual water remains.

8. Line Sealing After clearing, securely plug the plumbing lines to prevent water ingress.

9. Skimmer Precaution Place a skimmer bottle or Gizzmo in the skimmer to prevent water entry and freezing.

10. Introduction of Air Pillows Place air pillows in the pool to offer an added layer of protection against potential ice damage.

11. Electrical Safety Turn off all electrical components related to the pool, including the pump and lights.

12. Pool Covering Conclude the winterization process by placing a winter pool cover over the pool, ensuring protection and cleanliness during the winter months.

Safety and Precautions

Prioritizing Safety

When preparing a pool for the winter season, safety remains paramount. "In The Swim Pool Closing Kits" are designed to be compatible with various pool types and surfaces. However, adhering to specific safety guidelines ensures the pool remains in optimal condition throughout the colder months.

Addressing Key Concerns

Avoiding Stains

A common challenge during pool closure is potential staining. Traditional chlorine-based winter kits might interfere with the effectiveness of algaecides, leading to possible stains or surface damage. In contrast, "In The Swim's non-chlorine winter kits" offer a solution that minimizes these risks, ensuring the pool's surface remains undamaged.

Maintenance Before Closure

Before initiating the winterization process, it's essential to ensure the pool is well-maintained. This involves balancing the water chemistry, cleaning the pool thoroughly, and removing any debris. Proper maintenance helps prevent issues like algae growth and potential equipment damage in the future.

Proper Chemical Handling

While "In The Swim's winter kits" are user-friendly, it's crucial to handle all chemicals with care. Always follow the provided instructions and consider using protective gear, such as gloves and safety goggles, when handling chemicals.

Using Safety Covers

After addressing the chemical aspects of winterization, it's vital to physically secure the pool. A sturdy safety cover prevents debris accumulation and offers an added layer of protection against potential accidents.

Review of Effectiveness

User Preference and Feedback

The "In The Swim Pool Closing Kit" has gained recognition among pool owners for its winterization capabilities. Its primary appeal lies in its ability to combat algae and maintain water clarity during the off-season. The kit comprises a selection of chemicals designed to ensure balanced pool water.

Feedback from Pool Owners

Many pool owners have expressed satisfaction with the kit's performance. They've observed that pools treated with this kit remain clear throughout the winter. While the kit's results can be influenced by factors such as pool size and the regularity of maintenance, it offers a comprehensive solution for a wide range of pools.

Ease of Use and Safety Considerations

The kit is not only effective but also user-friendly. Its instructions are straightforward, making the winterization process accessible even to those new to pool maintenance. Additionally, the chemicals in the kit are formulated to be effective against contaminants while being safe for human contact.

Factors Influencing Performance

It's important to understand that the kit's effectiveness can vary based on certain external factors. Elements like the pool's water temperature, local weather conditions, and any pre-existing contaminants can impact the results. However, with proper application and regular maintenance, the "In The Swim Pool Closing Kit" remains a reliable tool for pool winterization.

Price and Shipping

Pricing Structure "In The Swim" offers a range of pool closing kits tailored to different budgets:

  • Basic Option: The Basic Pool Closing Kit, suitable for pools up to 7,500 gallons, is priced at $32.99.

  • Intermediate Option: The Deluxe version is available for $69.99.

  • Larger Pools: For pools up to 35,000 gallons, the Ultimate Pool Closing Kit is priced at $58.99.

When compared to similar products in the market, "In The Swim" provides a competitive pricing structure, ensuring value for money.

Shipping Information

"In The Swim" has a clear and customer-friendly shipping policy:

  • Standard Shipping: Orders amounting to $100 or more qualify for free standard shipping, making it advantageous for those purchasing in bulk or multiple items.

  • Order Dispatch: The company aims to ship orders within 24 hours, ensuring timely delivery.

  • Customized Delivery: For those in need of faster delivery, there's an option to choose expedited shipping for an additional fee.

Final Thoughts

In the realm of pool maintenance, the right tools can make all the difference. The In The Swim Pool Closing Kit stands as a testament to this, offering a blend of efficiency and protection. While many products promise ease of use, this kit delivers on that promise, ensuring that pool owners can navigate the winterization process with confidence.

Its emphasis on non-chlorine treatments showcases a forward-thinking approach, prioritizing both pool health and environmental considerations. For those seeking a balance between quality and value, this kit emerges as a commendable choice, setting the stage for a hassle-free pool reopening when spring arrives.

in the swim pool closing kit on amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my pool ready for winter?

To get your pool ready for winter, first make sure the water's pH is between 7.2 and 7.8. Next, use a chlorine treatment to clean the pool. After that, put in an algaecide to stop algae from growing. Last, use a winterizing kit which has special chemicals, a cover, and an air pillow.

What should be in a good pool closing kit?

A good pool closing kit should have chemicals for winterizing, an algaecide to stop algae, and a shock treatment. It should also come with a cover for the pool and an air pillow.

Can I use these kits for pools that are above the ground?

Yes, you can. Just make sure the kit says it's for above-ground pools. These kits usually have special chemicals, an algaecide, a shock treatment, a cover, and an air pillow.

Do I need to vacuum my pool before winter?

You don't have to, but it's a good idea. Cleaning your pool well before winter helps a lot. This means brushing the sides, getting stuff off the top, and vacuuming the bottom.

When should I shock my pool if I'm using a closing kit?

It's best to shock your pool before using the closing kit. This cleans the water really well. After shocking, wait about a day before using the closing kit.

How do I store the pool kit when I'm not using it?

Keep your pool kit in a cool, dry spot. Make sure the chemicals are in their bottles and closed tight. For safety, keep it where kids and pets can't get to it.


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